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Making Better Use of RAN Resources


Today, cellular operators world wide are looking for solutions that improve service to the end user and increase profitability to the operator while lowering OPEX.

VEGA antennas are a proven, widely used means of achieving better coverage for less CAPEX.

Comarcom Ltd. is a cellular industry orientated company specializing in sector antenna design.
We have developed and patented a family of very high gain, dual polarization low side lobe narrow beam directional dish antennas for cellular infrastructure applications, called VEGA.

Since introduction back in 2003, VEGA antennas have been installed on six continents in over 30 countries by dozens of successful mobile operators who are profiting from the wide range of solutions which VEGA provides.

Did you know that...

VEGA antennas can plug gaps in cellular coverage without the expense of adding base stations or "small cells".

VEGA antennas are the ideal tool for solving unexpected cellular coverage situations.

Our VEGA very high gain narrow beam dual polarization antenna does not compete or replace but rather complements sector panel antennas on the market.

is unique in being a one of a kind product aimed at situations that no other antenna available can effectively handle. 

, not just another antenna.

See how VEGA can IMPROVE your RAN coverage


The main features of VEGA are:

Exceptionaly High Gain   -   Narrow Easily Aimable Spot Beam   -   Low Side & Back Lobes

Dual Polarization Diversity   -   Special Construction (for low mechanical & environmental impact)

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 This makes the VEGA a winner for the following applications:

Extending rural cell tower coverage from existing base stations


Improving long highway & freeway cellular coverage


Illuminating congested 3G & 4G “Hot Spots” thus increasing effective range, capacity & data rate


Providing in building coverage without indoor DAS or femtocells


Eliminating interference & pilot pollution by very narrow beam and lower side-lobes


Lowering dropped call rate in high buildings by creating a leading signal from a nearby BTS


Improving repeater performance and coverage


VEGA is the only available mobile dish antenna with dual slant polarization


Ideal for GSM-R systems planning & optimization


Bringing cellular service to ferry routes, maritime oli rigs and fishermen villages


Eliminating call drops on long and high bridges

Unexpected cellular coverage situations and unconventional cellular coverage issues are VEGAs specialty!

In many cases VEGA can actually save the cost of additional base station, outdoor repeater systems and indoor coverage DAS.

It can solve your difficult coverage scenarios at a fraction of the cost of any other solution.


 See technical note on VEGA range extension & range limits



VEGA antennas are used by operators in 50 countries including